Few home improvement projects solicit such strongly positive and negative reviews as  house painting. Indeed, experiences with house painting in the Georgia range all over because of various circumstances and expectations. Homeowners who are wavering between undertaking their own painting project and hiring a professional for the job often leave little room for error on the part of the contractor, who must deliver a seamless project for a reasonable cost. On the other hand, homeowners who have repeatedly painted their own homes or have begun a painting project only to quickly get in over their heads have decidedly lower expectations.

Rico's Construction Interior Jobs
Interior house painting is the project that stands on more precarious ground, as it is the one that many homeowners could complete themselves, if they really wanted to. There is also a huge difference between painting a single room and painting an entire home. What may take a week or more for the average homeowner can usually be taken care of in a just a few days or a single weekend by the pros.

Quality is important in a place like Georgia. House painters who deal with interiors every day are certain to have most homeowners beat when it comes to practice, and because they are getting paid (and you won't be!), the pros will have extra incentive to do a good job and not rush the process. Finally, professional Rico's Construction house painters are able to bring extra decorative and specialty painting techniques to the table. If you're interested in dynamic walls with texture and movement, you might inquire about and research various looks associated with specialized painting methods.

Rico's Construction House Painters for Exteriors
With research and patience you might be able to get away with painting your own interiors, but even for very thrifty homeowners in Georgia, house painters are a good idea for exteriors. Few homeowners have the knowledge of paint types, specialty tools, or safety techniques that are a necessity for this job. Rico's Construction house painting company, on the other hand, bring all of these (and much more!) with them to every exterior painting project.

Of course, hiring a professional crew will be more expensive than buying your own paint and a few rollers, but if you want to get the same results the pros do, you'll have to either invest in or rent a paint sprayer and scaffolding. To get the job done as quickly as a crew, you'll have to call in favors from friends and family (and probably provide food and drink for everyone, too). Add up the hassle of transportation, free time expenditure, and overall effort it would take to compete with the pros, and you'll see that most Georgia house painting companies are actually a bargain!

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Cost of Hiring a Georgia Home Painter
Many homeowners experience some form of sticker shock when they first solicit estimates from Georgia home painters. The average interior painting job costs about $2,000, while exterior painting is about $3,000, though these averages can vary quite a bit. Across the board, we've seen recent Georgia's house painting projects as low as $1,000 and one exterior home painting project went as high as $8,000. Of course, along with different contractors, the quality of the paint itself will play a large part in the cost of a project, particularly when considering exterior paint jobs. Alternately, your willingness and ability to move furniture may have a greater influence on the cost of an interior paint job than you imagine.

Hiring a Good House Painter
Many professional Georgia home painters are ready to do a great job and willing to go the extra mile for good word of mouth and repeat business. Unfortunately, as is the case with many home improvement companies in Georgia, house painters that are less than reputable tend to get far more exposure than their good-intentioned competition.

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