Room additions bring a unique extension to your home whether it’s an attractive extended family room , expanded spacious master bedroom, a new luxurious living room addition, or an enlarged kitchen; we are the solution to increase your living space without having to move. Remodeling a room is more complicated than building a small home. Room additions can be plain and simple or exceptionally extravagant. We have taken care of small room additions as well as large room additions. With Synergy Builders’ stress-free room addition construction process every project is hassle-free and includes you in the process. Your ideas and preferences help with the enhancement of the room addition design, materials selection, and floor plan. We can help with choosing the most economical, practical, and yet aesthetically pleasing solution while incorporating your ideas with our expertise to make your dream remodeling project come true.

Some of the most common room additions are:

  • Home Room Additions
  • Bathroom Addition
  • Kitchen Room Additions
  • Family Room Additions
  • Master Suite Additions
  • Basement Addition
  • Living Room Additions
  • Dining Room Additions
  • Office Additions

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